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Fiberglass Duct Rodders Producer From New Delhi

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The Duct Rodders and different Cable Installation Tools such because the Cable Blowing Machine And Traceable Duct Rodders are ideally suited for large telecom initiatives or any contractor engaged in set up of knowledge cables or some other sensitive fiber optic cables. Stanlay supplies a variety of cable and wire set up product options ensuring that users get the product greatest suitable for their respective software. The TraceableMaxi And Midi Duct Roddersfor route tracing of buried non metallic ducts and small dia pipes are complimentary and needed accessory for pipe and cable locators.

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Mtrak Trace In a position Midi Duct Rodder

The MTRAK is a midi traceable rodder for tracing route of buried/underground smaller dia non metallic pipes (eg. - 25mm dia pipes or larger).

The MTRAK is based on a 5.5mm composite fiberglass rod with2x0.5mm tracer copper wires. The midi hint ready duct rodder contain slip rings and spring loaded carbon brushes offered in a alvanized steel tube body to enable utilization of both of the copper tracer wires on an independent foundation with the choice to make use of both wires concurrently. The bottom of the traceable rodder comprises a terminal field that gives 2 particular person terminal connections to the 2 inbuilt copper tracer wires of the traceable duct rodder.

After inserting the traceable rod into the pipe which is to be route traced, apply signal from the direct connection lead of a transmitter to a single terminal and connect the other lead of the transmitter to an earth stake which then excites the full size of the rodder to enable trace the buried pipe. If the output from the transmitter is applied to each terminals (direct connection lead attached to 1 terminal & earth result in the opposite terminal) , the front leading tip of the rodder will likely be energized & will act very very like a sonde permitting the operator to localize the tip of the rodder & in flip any blockage factors in the pipe. Use any Digital Pipe & cable locating receiver from above floor to trace the route of the Pipe.

Length Options:50m(165’), 80m(262’), 120m(393’)

Dimension: 24"x8"x29" Midi Body "C" Sort

Rod Dia: 5.5mm(normal)

Size of Copper Wire: 0.5 mm Dia (2 nos)

Ctrak Traceable Maxi Duct Rodder

Compact & straightforward to transport in a pickup jeep or small transport vehicles.

Permits very rapid route tracing of buried pipes.

Provided with an M12 male threaded rod finish on the front tip to allow a sonde to be hooked up for locating blockages in buried pipe.

Length : Options 150m, 200m, or 300m

Dimension : 33"x20"x37"

Maxi Body "B" Sort for 120~200m 43"x20"x44"

Tremendous Maxi Body "A" Kind for 300 m frame

Rod Dia 9.0mm (Nominal)

Dimension of Copper Wire 1mm Dia

Stanlay’s Cable blowing machine for fiber optic cable set up from 8-32 mm dia cables at upto 90m/min into pre-installed ducts .It contains of an air box , Cable pusher and Hydraulic Power Pack . Primarily based on the viscous drag compressed air principle. The compressed air is fed into the duct via a venturi principle, and the hydraulically powered cable feed system controls the fibre optic cable.

Protected .fast and effective cable blowing machines ,mounted on a gentle weight body for ease of use and site manoeuvrability. Powered by a hydraulic provide system the unit is suppliedwith a 1-1/2"BSP for connecting air supply hose (not supplied). The air provide hose should be 25mm (min) bore or more.

Air strain read out dial (Mounted on Pusher Unit).

Air pressure control / Shut off lever (Mounted on Pusher Unit).

Hydraulic on/off control lever (One every on Pusher unit & Power Pack).

Adjustable velocity management for drive belts (By way of Velocity management valve mounted on Pusher unit & Strain Regulator Valve mounted on Energy Pack)

Duct Mandrels

Please observe that commonplace Mandrels sizes indicated are based on Pipe ID sizes & are made to be 80% of ID size, per international requirements.

Cable Master

Cable Plus Midi Duct Rodder

Cable Plus Midi Duct Rodder is good for cable pulling & set up of signaling & communication cables, optical fiber cables, datacom cables in avenue lighting, campus installations, airports & industrial conduits up to 120 meters.

100m, 120m

24' X eight' X 29' Midi Frame "C" Kind

6.7mm Dia

Cable Plus Unit as per length ordered

ST-CP100 for 100m & ST-CP120 for 120m

Rod housed in a sturdy metallic frame with an integral brake. Simply rotate the wheel to information the rod down the duct.

Compact construction. Straightforward to transport - Fits into the boot of any automotive.

Supplied pre attached with bullet pulling eye

The Cabletiger Maxi Duct Rodder is an expert heavy obligation cable pulling device based mostly on 9mm dia Composite fiberglass rod , supreme for installation of optical fiber telecom cables in buried/underground HDPE ducts up to 300 meters in metro and congested metropolis environments. It is usually the most widely used equipment in OFC maintenance & where cable blowing method shouldn't be possible.

Size Options

200m(650') or 300m(a thousand')


33"x20"x37" Maxi Body "B" Type for 120~200m

forty three"x20"x44" Tremendous Maxi Body "A" Type for 300 m

Rod Dia.

9.0mm (Nominal)

Product Supply Contains

Cable Tiger Unit as per length ordered

Item Code

ST-CD 200 for 200m & ST-CD 300 for 300m

Compact & simple to transport in a pickup jeep or small transport automobiles.

Durable. High Energy. Tremendous tough.

Provided with an M12 male rod end to permit sonde or accessories to be hooked up

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Cable Jockey Mini duct rodder for electrical & data wring in long size industrial & multistorey complexes offered in 50 - 80 meter length options.

Compact Building. Can fit into the boot of any car.

Flexible rod: Optimal for cable/wire installation in conduits and underground ducting as much as 80m.

Rod housed in a study steel frame with an integral brake. Simply rotate the wheel to guide the rod down the duct.

Offered pre connected with bullet pulling eye.

No working cost.

Supplied with service set comprising: 2 rod ends, 1 adhesive 20ml.

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