Alfie's (Mis)Adventures In Fly Fishing

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That previous 12 months had been tough, with the end result of most of my sort out lost...(a protracted story not to be retold..). A month or so after my last April submit, I went on a trip to Los Angeles and had a chance to fish for trout within the San Bernardino Mountains in Orange County. Under is an account of what I can remember of the trip.

Early morning on 1st June ’07 in LA, I left Torrance in a rented car without a GPS for the San Bernardino Mountains in quest of trout. Searching through the internet the weeks previous to this outing, I worked out that the closest possible stream/river to my hotel would be in Orange County. So with only a Google Map printout with driving instructions, I set off….

After an hour and a half I reached the outskirts of the Nationwide Park at the foot hills of the mountains. Going up on Freeway 38 I reached Barton Flats the place I bought my Park parking payment (bought my fishing license the day earlier than). Wandering down Glass Rd to Seven Oaks Rd I seemed ahead to see the Santa Ana River.

From my analysis, I know that the Santa Ana River was stocked. However after i lastly got my first glimpse of the ’river’, I was shocked! It looked extra like a stream…a creek by different requirements.

For sure I was sorely upset. It was solely about 2-3 metres wide. However, having already invested the time driving all the best way up, I changed into my waders (overkill within the heat and measurement of said ‘river’). I set my trusty 6 piece 4wt and tied on a 6 ft leader and left it at that. Wandering down the banks I might see that the river was solely a foot and a half deep on average with just a few deeper pools. The side on the river was lined with a number of tree and shrubs. I decided to go into the water to wade up.

As you may see, this looks like an ideal setup for a 2 wt 6-6.5 ft rod.

Then I noticed a rise… I knelt down and watched for a few minutes. Then I noticed it again. Only a foot downstream of an underwater boulder…another rise. I then fumbled to tie on a 5 or 6X tippet (I can’t remember already) and a size 14-sixteen Parachute with my 15 fingers. After lastly placing the terminal rig together, I solid out the line. The fluro pink parachute stood out well amidst the shadow patched water. After two casts, the pink parachute disappeared in a dimple of water and i set the hook. The fish put up a brief but spirited struggle and even leapt one or twice. Eventually, I purchased the fish in to the financial institution and was very pleasantly surprised to see a brown trout! I was expecting to see a rainbow but I realized that the fisheries did inventory brown in here too.

So, the remainder of the afternoon went fairly productively. Each pocket of water roughly held fish. I caught and launched around eight - 10 browns. Curiously solely browns had been caught. I tried a few nymphs but they weren't as efficient. I met just a few bait fishermen utilizing Berkeley Trout Eggs and they had been catching only rainbows. It was solely after talking to those guys did I realize I was in rattlesnake and mountain lion country. Goes to indicate how tunneled imaginative and prescient I can get when in pursuit of fish.
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PostNapisane: czwartek, 14 czerwca 2018, 01:38

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